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AFL Tickets


Ticketing FAQ

How do I buy a ticket for an individual game?
Visit the Fixture page and follow the ticket link to purchase.

Note: ticket links will be added based on the relevant on-sale dates

Who sets the ticket prices?
The home club sets the prices for all 2023 Toyota AFL Premiership Season matches.

Where does the money from ticket sales go?
The revenue from ticket sales is split between the home club, venue and ticket agent.

Why are prices different for different games?
Any variation in prices across games will reflect and acknowledge the differences in demand for matches.

What is the best option for me if I will be attending multiple games this season?
Subject to availability, individual game tickets are available by browsing the ticket agent website. However, should you plan to attend multiple games, club memberships may provide the best value and access to tickets.

Visit Club Membership for more information.

I’m a Club member with match access, how do I attend a match?
This process may differ from club to club. Please refer to details provided by your club or contact them directly for further information.

I am a member and have a membership card, can I scan into the games that I am entitled to?
In 2023 all Club members with a reserved seat will be able to scan into matches using their mobile membership. At the MCG and Marvel Stadium general admission Club and AFL members will also be able to scan in using their mobile memberships, unless the club communicates otherwise.

Scanning access for general admission members at other venues is determined by the club in conjunction with the venue, we recommend contacting your club to understand the detail behind attending matches.

I’m a member, will I be forced to upgrade to attend a game?
This process may differ from club to club. Please refer to details provided by your club or contact them directly for further information.

I tried to buy a ticket but it says ‘Allocation Exhausted’. Does that mean the game is sold out?
From time to time, some games may have seats released closer to the day of the game. These seats include internal and dining allocations that are not used. Continue to check back on the ticket agent’s site for availability.

How can I purchase a ticket for a special needs seat?
For accessible booking needs, please visit the following page for information here.

Why aren’t all seats available for sale?
At all venues, there are some seats that are utilised internally by clubs to facilitate their membership, administrative and corporate requirements.

Some stadiums also have stadium memberships that provide access to certain seats for all events at that venue.

Can the match schedule change?
Yes, the AFL reserves its right to change the AFL fixture at its discretion and without notice. The AFL will not be liable for changes made to the AFL fixture.

I don’t have a mobile device that can accept tickets, how do I book? 
The default delivery method for tickets purchased online is mobile however if you do not have a mobile device, you may choose "Print at Home" tickets. If you cannot book online, both ticket agents have their call centre open to assist with bookings. 

Contact the relevant ticket agent as outlined:
Ticketmaster: visit the following Ticketmaster page for information here
Ticketek: visit the following Ticketek page for information here

How will my tickets be delivered? 
All tickets purchased through Ticketmaster or Ticketek will be digital, meaning you can easily access your tickets on your phone via your ticket account or ticket agent app, add them straight to your phone’s ticket wallet and share them with your friends and family using the ticket forward function. Mobile ticketing means that you’ve always got your ticket with you.  

If you have used Ticket Forward to send tickets to your friends, please ensure they have accepted and downloaded their tickets to avoid being denied entry at the venue. 
For more information on how mobile tickets work please click the relevant link below: 

Ticketmaster mobile tickets

Ticketek mobile tickets

If you have any difficulty accessing your mobile ticket, a customer service representative will be available at the main gate of each venue to provide assistance. 

What are the conditions of entry for AFL matches? 
The AFL Ticket and Entry Conditions are available here:

More Ticketing Information