SECOND-YEAR Bomber Ben Hobbs was the talk of the AFL Fantasy community last week as he looked to be the player who may benefit from spots opened up in the midfield. He scored 92 points and added $35,000 to his price. Hobbs remains a great pick this week as Essendon take on West Coast and North Melbourne, two sides that leak Fantasy points, in the next two rounds.

In his first game, George Wardlaw racked up 82 Fantasy points thanks in part to his nine tackles. He looks set to be an important player during the byes.

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Bye round trading will be on the minds of Fantasy Classic coaches. Round 11 is the last week before the multi-bye rounds where the rules are tweaked to help coaches manage the challenging four week period.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through all the issues of the week, including injuries, form, upcoming dual-position player additions and your questions on the latest episode of their podcast.

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In this week’s episode …

2:00 - Warnie is called out for changing his trades.

4:50 - "Inspector Dawg" looks into who has changed their trades the most this year.

9:40 - Roy is close to the top 1000 overall.

11:30 - After many -3s, Andrew McGrath gets a pat on the back.

13:40 - Ben Hobbs' ownership increased significantly last week and scored extremely well.

15:55 - Just one kick for Reuben Ginbey saw him post his lowest score of the season.

21:40 - Will Ashcroft received the five votes in the Cash Cow of the Year.

23:30 - A hamstring injury for Clayton Oliver will cause a few headaches.

26:45 - Could there be a play to grab a non-playing RUC/FWD to get Lachie McAndrew into forward line for the byes?

29:25 - Nat Fye is getting cheap...

33:50 - Bye round stocktake.

36:15 - Roy won't be trading in any round 15 bye players.

40:20 - George Wardlaw is the most traded in player so far this week.

43:00 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

47:00 - Ben Hobbs or George Wardlaw?

50:30 - After a big score, is Dom Sheed a good option to bring in, or is Jy Simpkin better value?

54:00 - How many rookies do the Traders have on field?

57:40 - Zak Butters or Zach Merrett?

1:01:20 - Bailey Smith or Jack Steele?

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