SYDNEY may be struggling but no one gave Errol Gulden (FWD/MID, $907,000) the memo.

He backed up last week's 161 with a round-high 153 from 39 possessions, six marks, five tackles and two goals to be the form player in the game with a three-game average of 143.

Matt Rowell (MID, $804,000) has stepped up in the absence of Touk Miller and he did so once again with a season-best performance against West Coast with 142, which included 29 possessions and a massive 17 tackles - the third time this year he has recorded double-figure tackles.

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Popular vice-captain Tim Taranto (FWD/MID, $1.01M) continued his ton run and ensured his coaches got off to a good start with 129 in one of the toughest match-ups on the fixture against Geelong. He overcame a slow start before coming home like a steam train with 28 touches and 12 tackles.

Dodging bullets is vital to score well in this game and unfortunately, they came thick and fast in the midfield, headline by popular under-priced trade target Callum Mills (MID, $739,000). He dropped $64K following a calf strain on just three points from five per cent game time. His popularity leading into the round due to his increased midfield time and season-high 110 was justified but his coaches may need to get crafty now to make the best of a bad situation.

Callum Mills leads Sydney out ahead of the R8 match against Collingwood at the MCG on May 7, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Jack Steele (MID, $883,000) looked back to his best following a round seven performance in which he recorded a season-high 128 but unfortunately, the following two weeks have been disappointing with 85 and a 75 from 21 possessions, five tackles and one vest which restricted him to a season-low 66 per cent game time.

Popular captain Rory Laird (MID, $925,000) nailed his fourth triple-figure score in a row with 101 but his fourth-quarter management was once again a concern after being managed following just 67 per cent game time and a season low CBA.

Moving forward strategically, removing rookies from our ground while allowing bye structure to influence trade targets is the play to ensure our teams continue to improve and generate cash while also allowing us to get a minimum for 18 players per weeks on the ground over that period.


  • Harry Sharp (MID, $290,000)
  • Josh Fahey (DEF/MID, $200,000)
  • Errol Gulden (MID/FWD, $907,000)
  • Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $ 504,000)
  • Bailey Humphrey (MID/FWD, $360,000)


  • Kade Chandler (FWD, $501,000)
  • Ollie Hollands (MID, $525,000)
  • Judd McVee (DEF/MID, $396,000)
  • Mattaes Phillipou (MID/FWD, $432,000)
  • Alwyn Davey (MID/FWD, $310,000)


  • Errol Gulden (MID/FWD, $907,000) +$77,000
  • Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $504,000) +$57,000
  • Seamus Mitchell (DEF/FWD, $414,000) +$56,000
  • Dylan Williams (FWD, $416,000) +$49,000
  • Samson Ryan (RUC/FWD, $452,000) +$48,000
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  • Callan Ward (MID, $547,000) -$69,000
  • Nat Fyfe (FWD/MID, $541,000) -$69,000
  • Callum Mills (MID, $739,000) -$64,000
  • Todd Marshall (FWD, $436,000) -$54,000
  • Brandan Parfitt (MID, $528,000) -$52,000


  • Harry Sharp (MID, $290,000) -7
  • Bailey Humphrey (FWD/MID, $360,000) 0
  • Arthur Jones (FWD, $321,000) 5
  • Ollie Lord (FWD/DEF, $243,000) 8
  • Seamus Mitchell (DEF/FWD, $414,000) 8
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  • Callum Mills (MID, $739,000) 147
  • Jack Steele (MID, $883,000) 138
  • Tim English (RUC, $1.03M) 138
  • Nick Daicos (DEF, $960,000) 134
  • Brad Crouch (MID, $838,000) 127


Errol Gulden (FWD/MID, $907,000): The young Swans star has shown that pre-season ceiling for back-to-back weeks with scores of 161 and 153 in that time. He backed up last week's big one with 39 possessions, six marks, five tackles and two goals. He now has a three-round average of 143 and a breakeven of just 45 leading into a great match-up with North Melbourne. He is owned by 39 per cent of the competition and will justifiably be a popular pick this week who will also double as a perfect VC option.  

Rory Atkins (DEF/MID, $504,000): The Rat had another good week, and the best thing about his latest outing was the elite disposal efficiency that did his job security no harm at all. He smashed his breakeven with a score of 75, which also ensured his BE remains low at just 17. Dare I say it, he is half a chance to be there for the byes if his efficiency remains so high.

Bailey Smith (FWD/MID, $815,000): After a disappointing start to the season which included just one triple-figure score in his first five games, Smith has made the most of a move to the midfield with back-to-back hundreds. His most recent came from 30 possessions, four marks and a goal which leaves him with a BE of 94 and he is an absolute bargain.

Mitch Duncan (DEF, $697,000): An absolute frustration machine and complete nightmare for his coaches over his first four games of the year. What that means of course on the flipside, is he is available for an absolute bargain price for the champion he is. The last two weeks he has scored 86 and 109 with the most recent consisting of 25 touches, 10 marks and a goal. He now has a breakeven of 76 and holds the valuable round 13 bye which would help you navigate the more challenging rounds. His low price ensures he is within rookie upgrade territory but obviously comes with risk.

Matt Kennedy (MID, $647,000): In an ideal world, we are upgrading our rookies to premiums but as we all know, that’s not always possible due to a lack of cash generation. That’s why we need to look for bargains and Kennedy is certainly that after two stinkers in the vest and consequent 25 per cent time on ground games that has left his price cherry ripe. He was back in the midfield in round nine and scored accordingly with 95 from 27 touches, three marks and six tackles … Basically a standard performance as long as he avoids being subbed. He has a BE of 88 heading into a tough match-up with Collingwood, but I like him as an option. *I did go a week early and grab him last week in order to get a rookie off the ground.


Callum Mills (MID, $739,000): In a cruel blow to Mills' four per cent of owners, the versatile star is set to miss four to six weeks with a strained calf. After what looked like a perfect trade last week following a returning to the midfield and scoring a season-high 110, the early injury caused a huge price drop of $64K. He will be one to watch toward the back end of the byes as a cheap trade target.

Jack Steele (MID, $883,000): Although the Saints skipper's vest was considered precautionary/managed, it's a worrying sign for a player who has scored just one hundred in his last four appearances. Projected to be a top three scorer at the start of the season, his low scores the past month have caused a price drop of $95K and he has a BE of 138.

Jayden Hunt (DEF, $656,000): The Eagles recruit has been sensational, displaying a career-best body of work over the past seven weeks. A disappointing performance against the Suns has got a few coaches taking his $277k price rise and trading him up to a premium given he has seemingly maxed out with a BE of 87. Hold or fold this week, he has been a great selection with an average of 77.

Kade Chandler (FWD, $501,000): The Dees forward has been a sensational cash cow, increasing in value by over $300K since the start of the year. Since scoring an outstanding 106 in round seven, he has unfortunately dropped off significantly with scores of 37 and 41 which leaves him with a breakeven of 70. He is a great price to upgrade to a fallen premium.

Ollie Hollands (MID, $525,000): The Blues running machine has been outstanding, increasing a total of $245k for coaches that started the season with him. His scoring went up a notch the past month recording impressive scores of 75 and 86 within that time and he was on track for another good one on the weekend before being subbed out. He still has an attainable breakeven of 47 but if he is on your ground, making him part of an upgrade would be worthwhile. 

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